Strategic Parnter: Fifth Story

Fifth Story is the country’s leading content marketing agency, working with over 300 organizations annually across numerous industries including financial services, health, pharma, non-profit, packaged goods, and government. Our team brings over three decades of experience including developing award-winning campaigns and content in a hyper-connected world. Our team members have been called upon by some of the world’s biggest brands, non-profit organizations, associations and C-level leaders to guide strategic communications efforts that galvanize employees, stakeholders and the public through a dedicated team in Toronto and satellite team in Ottawa.

Content Creation

Fifth Story has an in-house content studio powered by our multi-talented creative team who is committed to delivering exceptional custom content solutions for your business. With nearly 40 years of industry experience, we are your behind-the-scenes partner dedicated to telling stories that inspire trust and creativity, while producing engaging and authentic content that will resonate with your target audience and generate results. We are a dynamic and diverse group of content specialists filled with some of the best and brightest creative minds and by operating as an extension of your team, we focus on creating high-quality, innovative content to help your brand stand out and make an impact. Our creative team includes video producers, directors, scriptwriters, videographers, video editors, animators, graphic designers, technical writers, digital strategists, radio producers and more.

Branded Video

From live action to motion graphic videos, our award-winning producers and directors expertly navigate each project to fruition. This includes concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting, multilingual voiceover, location scouting, shooting and directing. Post-production specialists will edit and colour-grade footage. Our team works on stop-motion, animation, and animated infographics, and can adapt content to the client’s individual needs when required, such as closed captioning or descriptive video.