Gym and yoga used to be a western lifestyle only, but things are changing. Recent successful Lululemon event in Beijing shows that Chinese are more willing to embrace western lifestyle than before. To better reach ethnic audiences, brands need to shed stereotypes and open up to changing trends in different cultures.

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3 out of 5 satisfied Chinese consumers help brands with word-of-mouth advertising

Chinese consumers are willing to help brands spread the word. 2 out of 3 Chinese consumers would tell family and friends about their good experience with brands; 3 out of 5 would share on social media; 63% would follow a brand on WeChat.

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Canada plans substantial increase in immigration levels

Following his visit to China and the Philippines, Immigration Minister John McCallum told reporters Canada wants to increase immigration levels. Past experience has proven that immigrants are generally very motivated to contribute to the society, which would have a positive impact on the future of country. Official plans for immigration enhancement are expected to be revealed in due course.

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A New Era in Language Targeting

Personalised and linguistically customized message is crucial for brands to reach a global audience, especially in multicultural cities like London, New York and Toronto. While survey shows majority of marketers aren’t investing behind language targeting, growing tech and analytics sophistication is bound to open new opportunities in multilingual ethnic campaigns.

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