New population projections from Statscan is a wake-up call for many brands and marketers still on the fence on multicultural marketing. This infographic breaks down key data to show why brands need specialists for  building brand affinity through better understanding of cultural, social, emotional and other cognitive triggers that can help make authentic connect with target ethnic audiences.

Immigrants: Immigrants would represent between 24.5% and 30.0% of Canada’s population in 2036, compared with 20.7% in 2011.

Born in Asian: 55.7% to 57.9% of Canada’s immigrant population could have been born in Asia, up from 44.8% estimated in 2011.

Ethnic Origin: Together, immigrants and second-generation individuals could represent nearly one person in two (between 44.2% and 49.7%) in 2036, up from 2011 (38.2%).

Mother Tongue: Immigrants would make up the majority – close to 70% in all scenarios – of the population whose mother tongue is neither English nor French.

Metro Cities: More than one in two people in 2036 would be an immigrant or the child of an immigrant in Toronto (between 77.0% and 81.4%), Vancouver (between 69.4% and 74%) and Calgary (between 56.2% and 63.3%).